Can Private Investigators Help Stalking Victims?

Stalking has become rampant over the last couple of years, and anyone can be its victim. It is not limited to any particular age, or sex or status. From teenage girls to CEOs of large companies, anyone and everyone can be stalked.  And now due to the advent of social media, stalking is not just limited to physical stalking, cyber stalking has become that much easier now. Toronto private investigator says that stalking can seem harmless at first, but it might lead to something much more serious later.

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There are the regular signs like, getting gifts and flowers from unknown people, false calls, being watched, telling lies about you, trespassing, threats, or even damaging your property. If you are being stalked on social media you will get threatening mails, messages, attention seeking on social media accounts, hacking of accounts, computers or phones, even GPS tracking without permission. Toronto private investigator suggests that you notice these signs so that you stay alert.


The problem lies in the fact that such actions are not considered as a criminal act on their own. Unless you can prove there is a pattern in their action. Unfortunately it takes a long time for the victims to realize that someone is stalking them. By that time it might be too late. The trick is to spot your stalker and then counter stalk them, but you might not be equipped to handle that. Toronto private investigator can help you in this regard.private Investigator toronto

Get Help

In order to make a case against your stalker you will be required to collect information on them. A victim can always seek the help of a private investigator who will collect enough evidence against the stalker to actually convict him. They are professionals, and hence have the skill and the equipment to track your stalker and trace their personal information, like phone numbers, mail IDs, license number, and other tools that these stalkers might have used for cyber stalking. Toronto private investigator has the licenses for the usages of such tools that helps in the protection of the victim as well as gather evidence against the culprit.


  1. Video surveillance using CCTV
  2. Counter stalking
  3. Changing mail address, phone numbers, license number as well as home and office locks.
  4. Registering of different post office address and also registering a vehicle to it if necessary.
  5. Using tools of cyber surveillance to start off the counter surveillance on the stalker.

Honestly it is necessary for the victim to seek professional help. Such cases are beyond the control of a layman. There is no such thing as harmless stalking. It always leads to something dangerous. Violent crimes take place every day and in most cases stalking does lead to something much more serious. Toronto private investigator can be your one stop solution to being stalked. So be safe, stay alert, do not ignore any sign of being stalked and contact a private investigator as soon as you feel the need to.

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The Different Immigration programs in Canada

Canadian immigration business programs are open now; investment and entrepreneur candidates are invited to apply for admission to Canada. The applicants would be able to avail of permanent residence assisted by the Federal government and the provinces. They will be eligible for working, or starting a business with a permit under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Top immigration lawyer in Toronto are working towards assisting with legal consulting and providing immigrants with the best advice.

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Be a business owner before moving

There are multiple formal and informal business programs to be availed of before moving anywhere, and Canada provides similar opportunities. It is easier to move to a foreign country with a purpose. Thereby buying a business might be a great start. As mentioned above the TFWP has offers for immigrants wanting to start a business and immigrants must be sure to check out their options. Candidates, along with their families would be provided permanent residence after the completion of a year helped by the Federal Skilled Worker program, or under a provincial nominee program. To handle these cases, immigrants would require legal help, and top immigration lawyer in Toronto, can be contacted in this matter.


The IIVCP stands for Immigration Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program. It was introduced in 2014 replacing the Canada Immigrant Investor Program. The latter was not as successful in offering permanent residence in Canada. However a lump sum amount of money has to be invested by the candidate for this program. A personal net worth of $10 million and $2 million has to be invested and kept on hold for about 15 years. Top immigration lawyers in Toronto help with deals of this kind, and as this is an elaborate legal process it is advisable to contact lawyers to get the most out of such offers.

Visa programs

Visa programs are another way to assure getting a permanent residence in Canada. Most visa programs help candidates to immigrate as a provincial nominee, or a Quebec selected skilled worker, self-employed individuals and the like. The Start-Up Visa program, established in 2013, is one of many such programs. If the candidate is qualified enough then he or she will be eligible for work permits and permanent residence. This program successfully assists suitable entrepreneurs and helps them get in touch with private sector start-up businesses in the country. However, the candidates must understand that they have only a number of options to choose from, and must contact top immigration lawyers in Toronto to discuss their choices. Selection has to be limited to businesses already available in Canada.

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Provincial business programs in Canada

A number of provincial business programs available in Canada are, Quebec, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, Northwest Territories and Yukon. It is clear therefore that candidates are spoilt for choice as far as business programs are concerned. But it must be kept in mind that in handling such issues it is best to seek legal help and in looking for lawyers, it is advisable to go for top immigration lawyers in Toronto.

Caught Drunk Driving? Get Help from Criminal Lawyers in Toronto

In Toronto, getting charged with DUI is considered to be a serious offense. A person facing an arrest for DUI offense, such as drunk driving can be subjected to severe penalty. Any person when charged for drunk driving can feel devastated. It’s not because of the long court proceedings but also because of the fact that it can lead to a criminal record.

If you have been charged for drinking and driving, the only way to avoid getting convicted is to get in touch with criminal lawyers Toronto. Criminal attorneys having vast years of experience can easily defend their clients facing drunken driving charges.

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Basically, the attorney can represent clients during all stages of the trial. They will try to represent the case in an exceptional way so that the innocence of their clients gets proved. Even if their client is found to be at fault, an expert criminal attorney will do his/ her best to negotiate with the prosecution lawyer and arrive at an agreeable solution.


Drinking Driving

According to criminal lawyers Toronto, unlike other criminal offense a drunken driving case is sent for trial. Hence, attorneys can defend the client by taking the help of Charter of Rights and Freedom. For instance, a client has the right to remain silent or lend any information that can be used against them.

Driving a car while under the influence of alcohol is considered to be a serious offense in Toronto. With Toronto having some tough laws in regards to DUI, an accused falling under the warning range or first-time offense can face some penalty, even though not a severe one as given to hard-core offenders, i.e. third time offenders. Hence, consulting criminal lawyers Toronto is important in order to navigate through the complicated legal system.

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What Happens When You Get Caught?

Getting pulled over by a police officer because of a doubt for drunken driving charge can be very frightening. However, if you drive a vehicle after consuming alcohol, you will have to give a breathalyzer test. Failing the test doesn’t always prove a person to be guilty of drunk driving. This is where a criminal attorney can be of great help. They can help the accused to understand their charges.


Defending Clients

Taking the help of reputable criminal lawyers Toronto can help the accused to learn what is at stake for them. However, an attorney will ensure time action for the case and chance is given to defend clients.

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Criminal attorneys will carry on a thorough investigation for the case by interviewing clients and situation that lead to their arrest. Also, they can cross-examine witnesses produced by the prosecution. They can try to find out any technical loopholes within the case. They can check whether the law enforcement official followed right procedure during the breathalyzer test or not? In fact, they can even come up with other evidence which shows the violation of test rules. Hence, they can request the test result to be excluded

In short, criminal lawyers Toronto can defend their clients in the best possible way. They can get the charges dismissed or reduced as the situation might demand. Get more info on news related to criminal law here!


Toronto Work Permit Lawyer: Tips to Avoid Work Permit Application Rejection in Canada

Toronto Work Permit Lawyer states that a foreign national who wants to work in Canada might feel the need to secure the approval of the work permit application at first.  However, you should know that there are many reasons why a particular application for work permit might be rejected.  The only thing that you do is to reapply just after the refusal for finding out the actual reason behind the refusal letter from the visa office of IRCC.

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Tips to Avoid Work Permit Rejection

If you are applicant who secures a job offer and again LMIA doesn’t have experience or qualification as per the job description offered by a particular employer in Canada. Again, if the proposed job in Canada is regulated that might require a particular applicant to have registration as per the requirement of the territory and applicant hasn’t complied on it.

In case weaker ties to his/her country has been identified and more particularly fails to ascertain that at the end of the work permit, the applicant is going to remain in Canada, the application might be rejected says Toronto Work Permit Lawyer. A majority of the temporary resident visa like work permit in Canada and Visa office is always going to check, analyze, and verify is the applicant has a strong motivation of returning to the country before the work permit expires in Canada.

Toronto Work Permit Lawyer mentions that qualification and work experience plays an important role when you apply for a work permit related to the job offer of employment when you apply for a work permit in Canada. This is because the visa office is going to make sure that if they consider granting the work permit, the work permit holder will be able to perform the job which is being offered to him. Even though, the working certificated is provided, it is verifiable and not credible. The Visa office might decline your work permit application.

When you submit an application with incomplete information, it is highly likely that the application will be rejected by the visa office states Toronto Work Permit Lawyer. It is necessary to follow the visa specific instructions of the country that you are applying for.

In case your prospective employer in Canada has a record of non-compliance of obligations to his work according to the provincial or federal laws which regulate the recruitment and employment of foreign workers in Canada and hasn’t completed the condition of the employer as per requirement.

In case the offer that you received isn’t genuine, the visa office is going to exercise its power for the decision of work permit application. Toronto Work Permit Lawyer states that as per their information if the documents that you have provided might not be authentic, they are going to do a careful review and examine it thoroughly. After a careful examination, they might reject the work permit.

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If the conditions of the work permit is not likely to be followed by the person applying for the work permit, on the basis of the personal circumstances like economic, travel history, and family ties both in Canada and inside the country which would force him to remain in Canada beyond duration might lead to the rejection of the work permit.