Caught Drunk Driving? Get Help from Criminal Lawyers in Toronto

In Toronto, getting charged with DUI is considered to be a serious offense. A person facing an arrest for DUI offense, such as drunk driving can be subjected to severe penalty. Any person when charged for drunk driving can feel devastated. It’s not because of the long court proceedings but also because of the fact that it can lead to a criminal record.

If you have been charged for drinking and driving, the only way to avoid getting convicted is to get in touch with criminal lawyers Toronto. Criminal attorneys having vast years of experience can easily defend their clients facing drunken driving charges.

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Basically, the attorney can represent clients during all stages of the trial. They will try to represent the case in an exceptional way so that the innocence of their clients gets proved. Even if their client is found to be at fault, an expert criminal attorney will do his/ her best to negotiate with the prosecution lawyer and arrive at an agreeable solution.


Drinking Driving

According to criminal lawyers Toronto, unlike other criminal offense a drunken driving case is sent for trial. Hence, attorneys can defend the client by taking the help of Charter of Rights and Freedom. For instance, a client has the right to remain silent or lend any information that can be used against them.

Driving a car while under the influence of alcohol is considered to be a serious offense in Toronto. With Toronto having some tough laws in regards to DUI, an accused falling under the warning range or first-time offense can face some penalty, even though not a severe one as given to hard-core offenders, i.e. third time offenders. Hence, consulting criminal lawyers Toronto is important in order to navigate through the complicated legal system.

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What Happens When You Get Caught?

Getting pulled over by a police officer because of a doubt for drunken driving charge can be very frightening. However, if you drive a vehicle after consuming alcohol, you will have to give a breathalyzer test. Failing the test doesn’t always prove a person to be guilty of drunk driving. This is where a criminal attorney can be of great help. They can help the accused to understand their charges.


Defending Clients

Taking the help of reputable criminal lawyers Toronto can help the accused to learn what is at stake for them. However, an attorney will ensure time action for the case and chance is given to defend clients.

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Criminal attorneys will carry on a thorough investigation for the case by interviewing clients and situation that lead to their arrest. Also, they can cross-examine witnesses produced by the prosecution. They can try to find out any technical loopholes within the case. They can check whether the law enforcement official followed right procedure during the breathalyzer test or not? In fact, they can even come up with other evidence which shows the violation of test rules. Hence, they can request the test result to be excluded

In short, criminal lawyers Toronto can defend their clients in the best possible way. They can get the charges dismissed or reduced as the situation might demand. Get more info on news related to criminal law here!