Can Private Investigators Help Stalking Victims?

Stalking has become rampant over the last couple of years, and anyone can be its victim. It is not limited to any particular age, or sex or status. From teenage girls to CEOs of large companies, anyone and everyone can be stalked.  And now due to the advent of social media, stalking is not just limited to physical stalking, cyber stalking has become that much easier now. Toronto private investigator says that stalking can seem harmless at first, but it might lead to something much more serious later.

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There are the regular signs like, getting gifts and flowers from unknown people, false calls, being watched, telling lies about you, trespassing, threats, or even damaging your property. If you are being stalked on social media you will get threatening mails, messages, attention seeking on social media accounts, hacking of accounts, computers or phones, even GPS tracking without permission. Toronto private investigator suggests that you notice these signs so that you stay alert.


The problem lies in the fact that such actions are not considered as a criminal act on their own. Unless you can prove there is a pattern in their action. Unfortunately it takes a long time for the victims to realize that someone is stalking them. By that time it might be too late. The trick is to spot your stalker and then counter stalk them, but you might not be equipped to handle that. Toronto private investigator can help you in this regard.private Investigator toronto

Get Help

In order to make a case against your stalker you will be required to collect information on them. A victim can always seek the help of a private investigator who will collect enough evidence against the stalker to actually convict him. They are professionals, and hence have the skill and the equipment to track your stalker and trace their personal information, like phone numbers, mail IDs, license number, and other tools that these stalkers might have used for cyber stalking. Toronto private investigator has the licenses for the usages of such tools that helps in the protection of the victim as well as gather evidence against the culprit.


  1. Video surveillance using CCTV
  2. Counter stalking
  3. Changing mail address, phone numbers, license number as well as home and office locks.
  4. Registering of different post office address and also registering a vehicle to it if necessary.
  5. Using tools of cyber surveillance to start off the counter surveillance on the stalker.

Honestly it is necessary for the victim to seek professional help. Such cases are beyond the control of a layman. There is no such thing as harmless stalking. It always leads to something dangerous. Violent crimes take place every day and in most cases stalking does lead to something much more serious. Toronto private investigator can be your one stop solution to being stalked. So be safe, stay alert, do not ignore any sign of being stalked and contact a private investigator as soon as you feel the need to.

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