Toronto Work Permit Lawyer: Tips to Avoid Work Permit Application Rejection in Canada

Toronto Work Permit Lawyer states that a foreign national who wants to work in Canada might feel the need to secure the approval of the work permit application at first.  However, you should know that there are many reasons why a particular application for work permit might be rejected.  The only thing that you do is to reapply just after the refusal for finding out the actual reason behind the refusal letter from the visa office of IRCC.

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Tips to Avoid Work Permit Rejection

If you are applicant who secures a job offer and again LMIA doesn’t have experience or qualification as per the job description offered by a particular employer in Canada. Again, if the proposed job in Canada is regulated that might require a particular applicant to have registration as per the requirement of the territory and applicant hasn’t complied on it.

In case weaker ties to his/her country has been identified and more particularly fails to ascertain that at the end of the work permit, the applicant is going to remain in Canada, the application might be rejected says Toronto Work Permit Lawyer. A majority of the temporary resident visa like work permit in Canada and Visa office is always going to check, analyze, and verify is the applicant has a strong motivation of returning to the country before the work permit expires in Canada.

Toronto Work Permit Lawyer mentions that qualification and work experience plays an important role when you apply for a work permit related to the job offer of employment when you apply for a work permit in Canada. This is because the visa office is going to make sure that if they consider granting the work permit, the work permit holder will be able to perform the job which is being offered to him. Even though, the working certificated is provided, it is verifiable and not credible. The Visa office might decline your work permit application.

When you submit an application with incomplete information, it is highly likely that the application will be rejected by the visa office states Toronto Work Permit Lawyer. It is necessary to follow the visa specific instructions of the country that you are applying for.

In case your prospective employer in Canada has a record of non-compliance of obligations to his work according to the provincial or federal laws which regulate the recruitment and employment of foreign workers in Canada and hasn’t completed the condition of the employer as per requirement.

In case the offer that you received isn’t genuine, the visa office is going to exercise its power for the decision of work permit application. Toronto Work Permit Lawyer states that as per their information if the documents that you have provided might not be authentic, they are going to do a careful review and examine it thoroughly. After a careful examination, they might reject the work permit.

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If the conditions of the work permit is not likely to be followed by the person applying for the work permit, on the basis of the personal circumstances like economic, travel history, and family ties both in Canada and inside the country which would force him to remain in Canada beyond duration might lead to the rejection of the work permit.