ISIS can help you, as an employer, tap into the rich pool of immigrant talent here in Nova Scotia. We can help you meet your human resource needs by connecting you to potential employees in a number of ways.

If your company or organization has a specific job opening, we can make Job Referrals for appropriately skilled candidates. If you are looking to do a group hire, we can arrange On-site Recruitment and Information Sessions (ORIS) here at ISIS. Through the Work Placement Program, there is an opportunity to assess the skills and qualifications of a potential employee in an on-the-job situation, and additional assistance may be available to you through the ISIS Wage Subsidy program.

Workplace Culture and English in the Workplace can help you build a stronger and more diverse workforce.  And volunteering as a Professional Mentor or Practice Interviewer can be highly rewarding.

Explore these and other opportunities to introduce skilled immigrant workers and professionals into your workforce. Partner with us today for a win-win experience!

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