professional mentorship

Share Your Skills and Experience

Make a significant impact on an immigrant’s life.

Professional mentoring links practicing professionals and skilled immigrants in the same occupation and provides a valuable learning opportunity for both participants. Mentors can provide informal advice, connections, moral support, and entry into professional networks that allow a skilled immigrant to break into the job market at a level comparable with her or his training and education.

The Mentorship Program:

  • promotes professional connections
  • helps  internationally-trained professionals build confidence and identify realistic career goals
  • provides insight into the professional terminology used in the local industry
  • provides insight into the work culture in Nova Scotia

Mentoring benefits:

  • Enhance your leadership and coaching skills
  • Develop your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Gain a better understanding of the skills and experience that immigrants bring to the workplace
  • Become more aware of the job market and industry trends
For more information please contact

Ritu Ganju
Coordinator, Mentorship Program

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