wage subsidy

The Wage Subsidy Program offers an incentive to employers to hire unemployed immigrants, who they may not normally hire in the absence of a subsidy. This would include prospective immigrant employees who have skills or knowledge gaps which could be readily addressed through short term, worksite-based training.

What you need to be eligible for Wage Subsidy:

  • Wage Subsidy activities need to be part of the regular operations of the organization, in other words, there should be an existing  job vacancy.  Upon successful conclusion of the subsidy period, it is anticipated that the immigrant would continue in the position without a subsidy.
  • Positions must relate to the immigrant’s occupational field.  They may be either an existing position or a new position for which you are hiring.
  • Existing employees must not be displaced, although a wage subsidy can be used to assist with filling an existing position.
  • Rate of Pay must be based on the prevailing wage rate for that kind of work in the local area and must be at least the current provincial minimum wage rate.
  • Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERC) are to be paid by the employer and cannot be covered under the subsidy.

“Our experience with ISIS and the candidate they provided has been a very positive one.  We decided days into the relationship that the candidate was  someone we wanted to have on our team full-time.  She is professional, knowledgeable, and a sheer delight to have in the office. We are happy to have hired her full-time and look forward to watching her grow personally and professionally along with the Firm.  Additionally, the ISIS representative was a delight to work with.  She was very professional, personable and knowledgeable. Her guidance through the process was invaluable and she was very intuitive about the “potential fit” of the candidate she introduced us to. All in all, ISIS is a win-win for the Candidates and the Firms who hire the candidates!” –
-Lester Wood, McInnis Cooper