When will You Need Sponsorship Lawyer in Toronto?

Canadian citizens and also the permanent residents can sponsor parents, spouses, children, and many others for permanent residence. This procedure for entering Canada is better than the others as the applicants do not have to meet work experience, stringent education, and language qualification as they will for a skilled worker.

Sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto mentions that you can sponsor spouses through common law, marriage, or conjugal relationships. This is a quick process to gain permanent residence.

Spousal sponsorship immigration lawyer

Who can be a Sponsor?

A permanent resident or Canadian citizen can be a sponsor to a partner if he/she is more than 18 years of age and caters to all the requirements.

Factors which might disqualify you from sponsoring your partner are as follows.

  • Failed to offer financial support to the previous individual that you sponsored.
  • Default on spousal support order or court-ordered child.
  • Convicted of sexual or violent offense against a relative.
  • Imprisoned
  • Default on immigration loan
  • Unreleased bankrupt

You should know that anyone under 16 years of age cannot be sponsored.

Sponsor Living in Canada or in Abroad

Sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto mentions that a Canadian citizen has  the power to sponsor a partner if he/she is living in Canada or even abroad. Nonetheless, if the sponsor is living abroad, he/she will have to show a reasonable plan to return to Canada immediately as soon as the application for sponsorship has been approved.

The question is how to show intent of returning to Canada. There are various ways to show that you plan on returning to Canada. Take a look at few ideas.

  • Job offer in Canada
  • Spouse visa expiring in the present country of residence
  • Plan on raising a family in Canada close to relatives and parents
  • Visa expiring in the present country or residence.
  • Ownership of real estate in Canada and also the desire to return to it.
  • An affidavit stating a plan or intention to return to Canada upon sponsorship approval.
  • Owning real estate in Canada and also the desire to return to it.

As per the sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto, you need to include a separate written statement which provided details of the plan to return to Canada and also state why you want to return to this place. Make sure that the evidence is in writing.

When to Consider Sponsorship?

Sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto states that you need to consider sponsorship when you are legally married in the country where you have got married. In case you are not legally married, you need to consider sponsorship.  You have to be in exclusive and life-long partnership with shared assets, met and know each other’s family, time spent together, etc.

In case you are still in the dating phase of the relationship, you have to decide if you want to spend your life together.  You might not be ready for a sponsorship and the application might fail due to this. There is nothing that is going to stop you from trying out the application. However, you might have to pay application fees. With immigration, says the sponsorship immigration lawyer Toronto, you will not misinterpret the facts that will include the non-Canadian from Canada for several years.

Even though there are minimum income requirements for sponsoring other relatives, there are no minimum requirements for sponsoring the spouse. For more information to sponsor your near and dear ones for immigration. Visit us: