Workplace culture

The Workplace Culture program offers customized training in cross-cultural communications and cultural competency to employers across the province. Become an employer of choice:

  • Integrate and retain your staff
  • Welcome and include skilled, internationally educated staff

It’s not enough to recruit good staff if you cannot keep them!

Customized Training

All sessions are:

  • Customized to meet your needs and fit your schedule
  • Fun, engaging and interactive!
Information Sessions

2-3 hours
These short, single-topic presentations focus on specific interests or concerns.

Full Day Sessions

These sessions provide a broad range of participant engagement, through activities, role-playing, discussion groups and action plans.


3-5 hours

Workshops are In-depth, interactive sessions that include a variety of activities.

  • I’m Okay but I’m Not so Sure about You –  develop cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills
  • Workplace Scenarios – address specifically identified workplace issues
  • How to Create  a Culturally Diverse and Cohesive Team – build awareness of cross-cultural communication differences and understanding of good leadership skills to bring diverse people together in a working group
  • How to Build Teamwork – learn how managers and supervisors can lead culturally diverse staff  teams
  • Hiring Practices (in development) – learn about  cross-cultural recruitment, interviewing and hiring tendencies

Follow-up sessions are encouraged to ensure that the learning is transferred to the workplace upon conclusion of the training.

Expertise You Can Trust

We  support employers in creating healthy, welcoming workplace cultures for all employees and, in particular, to improve workplace integration and retention of immigrant staff.
We provide employers and staff with:

  • Practical training you can start using right away
  • Tools on workplace culture and cross-cultural communication to help you remember and integrate the training
  • Tip sheets, handouts and articles to help you continue to learn
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